Smart Pots for Smart Homes

Smart pot is an interior plant pot which can water the plants automatically up to 2 weeks. its unique form and colors are designed to accent modern home interiors.

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Water is stored in an inner chamber in the pot and is fed to the roots by the capillary action of potting mix (Mixture of coco peat or vermi-compost, soil and manure). Water is separated from the soil by an aerated screen which also helps to oxygenate the roots. Water can be filled through a funnel attached to the pot and water level indicated by a float system.


  1. Watering needed once in 14days only. (Depending on the plant size)
  2. Water usage 5 times less than conventional pots.
  3. No water seepages like conventional pots.
  4. Level indicator to display water level.
  5. Efficient fertilizer usage through fertigation
  6. Designer form to suit modern home interiors.
  7. Made of UV stabilized virgin material for durability.
  8. Attractive colors suitable for interiors.
  9. Suitable for vegetable growing also.