KSD Page Meteo Center

KSD Page Meteo Center


Luggage scale for universal use, for easy and portable weighing. At home, out shopping, or during travel: weigh luggage, book bags, and many other objects without problems.

High load capacity of up to 50 kg / 110 lb / 8 st with graduation to

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This ingenious multi-talent brings more efficiency into daily life: the digital kitchen scale Page Meteo Center unites five devices in one.Measures indoor/outdoor temperature and air humidity (indoors and outdoors)

5 in 1: digital kitchen scale, weather station, radio-controlled clock, timer, and alarm in one
High load capacity up to 5 kg / 9 lb with graduation to 1 g / 0.05 oz precise
Integrated weather station with 24 h weather forecast
Timer for baking and cooking for precise second
Ideal for placing on the counter top or hanging on the wall
Alarm with snooze function

Material: Safety glass / plastic
Colour: White
Dimensions: D 22 x W 14.5 x H 2 cm / D 8.7 x W 5.7 x H 0.8 inch


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