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    Classic Mop

    Cleaning without stooping down and without putting the hands into waste water Material strips from absorbent viscose slide in every angle and absorb the dirt suitable for stairs and...

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    Classic Mop Set

    Sparkling clean floors with a single wipe ? the Classic Mop from Leifheit has absorbent viscose strips that remove dirt and water in a flash, leaving more time for the finer things in life. Particularly practical ? the Leifheit Classic Mop is available in a set with a handy 12-litre bucket and wringer attachment for wringing the mop in an upright position. Thorough cleaning is ensured by the flexible viscose strips, which are great for wiping large areas in wavy lines, as well as quickly and easily wiping around furniture and table legs and cleaning those hard-to-reach corners. Using the Classic Mop is also a breeze. The mop can be easily wrung out in...

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    Protection Sprayer Care & Protect Mop

    Just as your skin needs to be cleansed and cared for in order to retain its natural beauty, your wood floors also need a special beauty regime to ensure their long life. Treating your wood or laminate flooring correctly not only does its outer appearance good, but also helps maintain its long-lasting value. Thanks to Leifheit?s Protection Sprayer Care & Protect, caring for wood floors has never been easier. The cleaning/protection liquids “Care” or “Protect” come in ready-to-use cartridges which insert into the Leifheit Protection Sprayer Care & Protect. The spray function will offer a clean application and even distribution of the liquid to the floor. No dirty hands, elbow grease or bending over...

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    Classic Mop spare head – Viscose

    Fast cleanliness to every corner. The Leifheit Headpump viscose is the perfect basic equipment for the new Leifheit Classic Mop. With its many Viskosestreifen the mop head has an extremely large surface. So he can with just one wipe absorb all the dirt. For this purpose it is extremely manoeuvrable: a chance to move around every obstacle and dressing steps as effective as surfaces. The replacement head viscose is ideal for easy and thorough cleaning of tile and stone floors. The viscose fibers are washed at 60 C. – Large surface by many Viskosestreifen enables high dirt holding a mop – Extremely manoeuvrable articulated allows effortless wipe around each obstacle and the cleaning stairs...

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    Replacement Head Classic Mop – Cotton

    Replacement Head Mop Twister/Classic mop Wiping strips made of cotton for high water absorbency -ideal for tile and stone floors.Fits Classic Mop and Mop...

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    Replacement Head Classic Mop – Microfibre

    – Replacement head for Leifheit floor wipers Mop Twister and Classic Mop – 2-fibre wiping strips for thorough cleanliness – Removes even heavy dirt – Made of 100 % micro fibres – Washable at...

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    Replacement Head Classic Mop – Viscose

    Wiping strips made of absorbent viscose. With low residual wetness.

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    Replacement Sieve Classic Mop

    Sieve Combi Mop Easy squeezing of the Classic Mop without hands in the dirty water.

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    Replacement Tip WRINGMOP Classic

    Replacement Head Wring mop For wring Mop, wiping strips made of absorbent viscose,easy to attach.

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