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    FLOOR WIPER COMBI XL micro duo (42 cm)

    The optimal solution for quick cleaning of tile and stone floors: the Leifheit floor wiper Combi XL microduo with XL wiping width of 42 cm. Ideal for combining with the Leifheit Combi XL bucket and the Combi Press sieve. With a particularly thorough 2-fibre wiping cover and 360-degree joint. Floor wiper with XL wiping width of 42 cm Can be combined with the Combi XL bucket and the Combi Press sieve. With a 2-fibre wiping cover and 360-degree...

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    FLOOR WIPER PICOBELLO micro duo (33 cm)

    * With easy to use press apparatus directly on the handle. * With dirt brush for heavy dirt. * Ideal for corners, stairs and underneath cupboards etc. * Flexible swing joint makes it possible to clean in wavy...

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    Floor wiper Profi EcoPerfect

    – From renewable resources, e.g.bamboo handle. – Wiper cover with high cotton content for high water and dirt absorbency. – Compatible with wiping...

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    * With the revolutionary twisting method the wiper cover is kept very clean * The level of dryness is defined by the number of twists / spinnings * The practical cover simplifies the cleaning of corners and edges * Mop width: 34 cm * Comfortable use by foot pressure * Flexible swing joint enables enables the cleaning in a wavy...

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    (Prof) Telescopic Handle (TOP-LOCK SYSTEM)

    * New type of locking system * Guaranteed safe pole guide * Fast locking * Maximum safety * Optimum efficiency thanks to its great flexibility, high quality and ergonomics * Can be used with the window wiper, squeegee or GlasBoy, as...

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