Garlic (The misery of Peeling, Chopping and Slicing) – Solved

When it comes to cooking, garlic is possibly one of the best inventions in the world. It adds flavor to everything (savory at least). But I’m sure you’ll agree that it is a royal pain to peel it (almost as annoying as peeling oranges). I always try to crush it with a knife and then peel it but it always ends up being a bit fiddly and time consuming.

Garlic peeler

Never again have garlic oder on your hand Simply Place unpeeled garlic cloves into the flexible tube , roll back…

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6.7 billion people on the planet. If they all spend one hour out of their lives peeling garlic, that’s 764,840 years of humans peeling garlic. If we all switch to this method, that reduces the time to only 1,874 years. Think of all the miserable, garlic peeling human suffering that this video has prevented.

Resist the urge to buy pre-chopped garlic; it has a harsher flavor, making your pesto taste mediocre. Instead, keep fresh garlic in a cool place and follow the steps in this videos for a quick peel and chop. For garlic that’s almost pulverized, place clove into garlic press and press down until the whole clove comes through the holes.

Garlic King

The innovation for mincing garlic ! The clove is not crushed but accurately cut- by your own body weight….

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Other Garlic Presses

Courmet Slicer (ComfortLine)

Gourmet Cutter Comfortline – Thinnest slices in a twinkling of an eye. – large capacity. – With cover to keep…

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